As each year goes by, fans know Crunchyroll sets aside time to honor its best anime series without fail.

The seventh annual Crunchyroll Anime Awards nominees have been announced, with worldwide voting now open worldwide through Wednesday, January. cr/OPWanoToLife-tw.


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RELATED: Crunchyroll Announces 2021 Anime Award Categories. Joseph Luster. Voting will begin early next year, and Crunchyroll will provide further information on its official website.


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. Romance is always in the air with Crunchyroll’s streaming service! As one of the more well-known genres in anime, romantic anime series can usually be found in abundance.

Awards season is well underway, and our favorite 2021 anime will soon have reason to celebrate in the Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

You cast millions of votes to honor shows, characters, actors, and more that will live in anime history.

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My Hero Academia. .

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Although fans can cast their vote for the nominees.

It’s been praised for its takes on human nature, PTSD, gender identity, and more, becoming one.


m. It's the premiere anime streaming service, but what are the best anime shows on Crunchyroll? Sure you can watch on Netflix or Hulu , but Crunchyroll. .

. . Joseph Luster. It continues to be the 13th highest-grossing anime film in Japan behind The Wind Rises. May 18, 2023 · With the course being offered as an addition to Duolingo’s broader Japanese offerings, the Crunchyroll collaboration is set to include a lineup of around 50 different anime slogans, catchphrases.

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As each year goes by, fans know Crunchyroll sets aside time to honor its best anime series without fail. Fans have a week to vote for their favorites, but you can also cast your votes every single day.